SAFELINK.ASIA friends must have experienced when clicking on a link, for example a link from a website article comment, it turns out that when the website is opened there is no or a 404 not found error appears. Now, it can be called a broken link, which is a dead, error or invalid link. We must immediately remove the broken link if it is on our website, because overcoming broken links is one of the tips for website optimization.


The following are free online tools to check websites for broken links on the website:

1. Online Broken Link Checker.

One of the free online tools that can be used to check for broken links on the website is .

Here are the advantages that can be found in this free tool:

  • Check for broken links on your website or blog
  • Unlimited page scan on the website
  • Can show the location of broken link problems on a website
  • Can be used on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / UNIX, and iOS.


2. Broken Link Check WordPress Plugin.

For websites that use the CMS WordPress as a back end for a website or blog, you can use the Broken Link Check plugin. This wordpress plugin will help you check for broken links on a CMS WordPress based website or blog.

the advantages that exist in this tool, namely:

  • Monitor links on pages, comments, blogroll, and more
  • Detect links that don't work
  • Dashboard notifications or via email
  • Links can be edited directly from the pligin page, without manually updating each post or page
  • Easy to use and configure.


3. Dead Link Checker.

This tool is an online checker to check for broken links on a website. Dead Link Checker can crawl a website completely and can find all the broken links that affect a website. The Dead Link Checker tool has two interesting options, namely:

  • Multi check feature

The multi check feature in the Dead Link Checker tool can be used to check multiple websites at one time, later the results of the checking can be sent to email.

  • Auto check feature

The auto check feature in the Dead Link Checker tool will periodically check for broken links on the website, then the results of the checking will be sent to an email.


There are still many more tools that you can use in addition to the three tools above. You can use one of the tools that you believe can overcome broken links that you experience. I hope this article is useful.

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