Can the folders in the hosting be given a password so it's safe?
The answer, CAN!

You can provide a password for a folder stored on the hosting like a key from a room. So, when someone else gets into hosting, you can still provide "protection" for folders that are deemed important. Want to know how? Here are the steps on how to password protect the hosting folder in cPanel.

What should be prepared?

Before protecting the folders on the hosting, you must prepare what folders you want to protect first. Is it a folder containing website files, backup files, or maybe it only contains certain files. In essence, giving a password to this folder is intended so that important folders / files can be protected when there is a threat from irresponsible people. Oh yes, don't forget to prepare the desired password. Try to make the password a combination of numbers, uppercase, lowercase and various characters. And don't forget to always remember the password. Don't forget the password of each protected folder!

How to Password Protect Folder Hosting in cPanel?

As for how to password protect the hosting folder in cPanel, it's very easy. Please follow the step by step below ...

1. Login cPanel

The first thing you have to do is login to cPanel first, according to the email sent from KincaiHosting regarding Hosting Account Information. For those of you who don't know how to log in to cPanel, please read the Easy Way to Login cPanel Hosting .

Then in the search field, please write "directory privacy". Now, the Directory Privacy menu will appear. Please click on the menu.

3. Selecting the Folder to be Protected

Well, then you will be directed to the Directory Privacy page. You can select the folder / directory that you want to protect (you want to set a password). Once determined, then click the folder. For example, in this tutorial we will select a folder named "ghost".
how to password protect the hosting folder in cPanel

4. Set Permission (Permission) Folder

After determining which folders you want to protect, the next step is to set the folder permissions. Please put a check mark on Password protect this directory . This is intended to give approval / permission to the folder. That the folder is really approved to be protected with a password or not. Then, enter a new name for the folder that has been successfully protected (given a password). For example, before being protected it was named "ghost" folder. Then, when after being protected it was named the folder "ghost_yang_terl Protected". So, when a user / visitor successfully enters the hosting and then sees the name of the folder, it means that the folder has been protected. Not just anyone can access. After that, don't forget to click Save.
how to password protect the hosting folder in cPanel
If it appears as shown below, then the permission settings have been successful. Then click Go Back to continue with the next step.
how to password protect the hosting folder in cPanel

5. Enter your User Name and Password

Well, this is the essence of the following guide. That is how to password protect folders in cPanel. You must enter a Username and Password to protect the folder. Username and Password are used when opening folders such as room keys. A room can only be opened with a key. Well, this username and password are the keys to a room (folder). Enter a username that is easy to remember. Then enter a password with a strong combination, namely numbers, uppercase, lowercase, and characters. After that click Save.
how to password protect the hosting folder in cPanel

6. The Folder is Secure!

Now, try to open the Directory Privacy menu again. Then see the difference. The folder that was protected earlier, its icon has changed. In front of the folder icon is a padlock. This means that if a user logs into the hosting and does not have a username and password, the folder cannot be opened. Remember, only keys can open locks! Well, that's how to password protect the hosting folder in cPanel.

How to Remove Folder Protection?

If you change your mind to remove the folder protection that has been done, please do the following. Select a folder that has been protected. Then click the menu.
how to password protect the hosting folder in cPanel
Remove the check mark on " Password protect this directory ". Then click Save. Then the folder was successfully opened. And you don't need to open it with a username or password.
how to password protect the hosting folder in cPanel


So, it's easy, isn't it the way to password protect the hosting folder in cPanel? Now you don't need to worry when other users / visitors enter the hosting. They cannot access protected folders without a username and password. Always remember your username and password! Because, if you forget the password, then you have to delete the username first. There is no forget password feature like most websites. You have to delete the username and then enter the new password as the first step. Thank you for using the KincaiHosting service. KincaiHosting is an expert in cheap domains and cheap hosting.

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