How to change CPanel password if you forget password


Password is one of the important things in an account security. As a user who has many accounts on various social media or e-mails, sometimes you often experience that you forget your password. On various social media, if you have forgotten your password, just click the "forgot password" link below the login form. However, what about cPanel, which doesn't have a "forgot password" feature? In this guide, we will discuss the solution to forgetting cPanel Hosting password . This is very useful maybe for those of you who find it difficult to remember passwords. So, let's check this out! ?

What If I Forgot cPanel Password?

Take it easy KincaiHostingns. Don't worry, you can still find out your cPanel username and password through the KincaiHosting client area dashboard. Precisely at . The steps are,

1. Login Client Area

Then enter your username and password. This username and password is your account when you register at KincaiHosting before purchasing a domain or hosting.

Then you will be directed to the client area page. This client area functions for the management of your domain, hosting, VPS or SSL products. To change the cPanel password, click on the menu My Services. Then click on Hosting that you want to change the cPanel password for.

3. Choose Change Password

After selecting Hosting, then please click the tab Access. Then choose Change Password.

4. Changing the Old Password with a New Password

Next, please enter your new password. Always use a password with a combination of numbers, letters and characters to be safe. Want to know tips and tricks for safe passwords? Let's read How to Create a Secure Password . When finished then click Save Changes.
forgot the password

5. The cPanel password has been changed

Wait until the password change process is complete. If successful, your password has been changed. Now try logging into cPanel, then you can login to cPanel using the new password.


Don't worry if you experience “forgot password” on your cPanel account. Simply replace your old password with a new one on the KincaiHosting dashboard, your password will be changed automatically. Want to know the best hosting at an affordable price but not cheap quality? Just check KincaiHosting Cheap Hosting . Get special prices for every domain and hosting purchase by using a KincaiHosting coupon! Want to know more about web hosting? Let's read the Complete Guide to Web Hosting for Beginners .

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