Remember CloudFlare? CloudFlare is a Content Delivery Network that functions as an intermediary for domains and web hosting. By activating CloudFlare, you can have many benefits. Among them, website access will be faster and avoid the threat of DDOS. Coupled with the masking feature, CloudFlare will hide your web hosting IP. So that hackers are not easy to attack on servers. KincaiHosting provides CloudFlare features for FREE! To know the ins and outs of CloudFlare, please read the What is CloudFlare Guide and How CloudFlare Works . Now it's time to follow the Cloudflare setting guide on the following subdomain

Can I Activate CloudFlare on Subdomains?

Usually, CloudFlare is mostly used in the main domain only. So, you don't need to do DNS settings first. Simply choose a domain name and activate CloudFlare. So instantly CloudFlare is active. For more details, please read the CloudFlare Settings Guide on cPanel . However, what about subdomains? Can we activate CloudFlare on subdomains? Yes. Of course. CloudFlare can be used for both primary and subdomain domains. However, there are a few things that you must configure first.

1. Edit DNS Record Through Zone Editor

The first thing you have to do is log in to cPanel via https: // domainname / cpanel , according to the email sent from KincaiHosting regarding Hosting Account Information. Then, in the search field, please type "Zone Editor". Then select a feature Zone Editor.

After that, you will be directed to the Zone Editor page. Please scroll to the bottom and you will find the subdomain you want. There are 2 things you will do. First, delete the TXT record. Second, edit the A Record.

Delete TXT Record

Select a subdomain, then look for a DNS record of type TXT. After that, click Delete.

Edit A Record

Select a subdomain, then look for the DNS record with type A. Then click Edit.

In the Type section, please replace A with CNAME. In the CNAME section, write the main domain name of the subdomain that you choose. For example, is a subdomain. The main domain is After that click Edit Record.


2. Enabling CloudFlare on Subdomain

After the DNS record configuration is complete, the next thing is to activate CloudFlare on the subdomain that was set up earlier. Please return to the search form on cPanel and write CloudFlare. Select CloudFlare.

Then you will be directed to the CloudFlare page. To activate CloudFlare on a subdomain, please select the main domain in the Active Zone section. Click Menu Domains. Then you will find a table that contains information that CloudFlare on the selected domain is not yet active. For that, you have to activate CloudFlare by clicking on Provision Domain with CNAME Setup. Please scroll down to find the main domain and subdomain that you configured earlier in Step 1. There are 2 cloud colors that you can find. When the cloud is orange, then CloudFlare is active. However, if it is still gray, then CloudFlare is not yet active. To activate it, please click on the gray cloud image. Wait a minute. So in an instant the color of the cloud had turned orange. That means CloudFlare on the subdomain is active!


Use of SSL on CloudFlare

If you are using the Free CloudFlare Plan, it will usually be directly integrated with CloudFlare SSL. To check, please login CloudFlare then click Home. Then click Menu Crypto and then on the SSL section, please select Full. Make sure the section Universal SSL Statusis green and it says Active Certificate. If the domain has other SSL installed, then SSL will still use CloudFlare's SSL. If you want to use SSL from other vendors such as Comodo, GeoTrust, Digicert or GlobalSign, please use the CloudFlare Business Package.


Basically CloudFlare can be activated on the main domain or subdomain. It's just that to activate CloudFlare on a subdomain you need to configure the DNS record. KincaiHosting has made it easy for every customer. If you have trouble, please contact our support team. KincaiHosting has CloudFlare which will make website performance faster and avoid DDOS threats. KincaiHosting is an expert in  cheap hosting  . Thank you for your trust in KincaiHosting. 😀

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