Definition, Function, Benefits, and How it Works - A blog is defined as a website that is managed by several authors and contains personal experiences, observations, and opinions of the authors. Often blogs include pictures or links to other websites. Now in Indonesia many people have become bloggers with creative and interesting content. For blog users, terms in the world of blogs such as shortlink and safelink are certainly familiar. However, this is different from ordinary people who don't really understand about blogs. There are terms and ways to make a blog more attractive and visited by many internet users.

The function of both is the same, the only difference is the way the website works. Shortlinks are a simplified version of the url that you can get for online distribution of content. Later, long urls can be shortened so that they can be neatly posted on any social media page. Generic url shortening like tinyurl can transform links with any combination of letters and numbers. Safelink can make it easier for users because later they don't need to create the newest url for each destination link. While shortlinks still require manual urls one by one.

To find out the difference between the two things, you must first know in detail what it is, what its function is and so on. Below will explain the meaning, function, benefits, workings of short link and safelink. To get a deeper understanding, read the explanation below to increase your knowledge about shortlink and safelink.


Understanding Shortlink and Safelink 

Shortlink is a service commonly used by bloggers to shorten URLs to make it easier for people to remember a long URL or link from the blog in question. However, the use of this shortlink not only provides a URL shortening function, but apparently also allows users to earn money. There is a URL shortener technique which is a technique that exists on the World Wide Web where the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) can be made substantially shorter and of course still redirect to the required page. Indeed, there are lots of websites that provide shortlink services or the term shorter URL, such as,, and so on. The way the initial shortlink works, of course, the user must have the original URL of a blog that you want to shorten. After that the user chooses one type of shortlink website such as or maybe it could be another type. After using, the original long link can be shorter and more practical.

Safelink is a website created to redirect users from the initial site to the destination website. Safelink can make it easier for you because you don't have to always create a new URL for each destination link. Meanwhile, with shortlinks, you still need to create URLs one by one manually. You don't need to enter a password URL into the service but simply install a script that is automatically placed in the widget. Every new URL will be loaded in safelink. Users also don't need to open a short link like a shortlink but just use the original link. Initially, 'safelink blogger' made it easy to shorten long links / urls. However, along with the development of the Safelink Blogger (SB) service technology it is used as a container to generate dollar coffers.


Benefits of Using Shortlink and Safelink

After knowing the meaning of shortlink and safelink, you need to know about the benefits of using these two techniques. The benefits obtained are many besides being able to make money through these techniques. Here are the benefits of shortlink and safelink that you should know:

Benefits of using shortlinks:

  • Make URLs shorter
  • Track the number of clicks to direct links
  • Get extra income
  • Hide the affiliate link so that it doesn't appear dim / spam
  • Protect genuine links from blocking social media systems because they are considered spam

Benefits of Using Safelink

  • Even though it is not paid for, Safelink allows users to place independent adsense ads on web pages. This means that if your website or blog is already using adsense, the safelink site can put the same ad id. Indirectly, you will get double the adsense income.
  • If the shortlink page looks very annoying (popup ads, popunder, floating, shadowbox etc.) then the safelink page looks like a regular content page equipped with a "continue" button.
  • Income from advertisements on the Safelink page is more transparent because you can monitor it directly from the account dashboard
  • Safelink has a url which can also be shortened, there are many plugins to automate the creation of safelink pages
  • Using safelink pages saves more time, effort and thoughts. Imagine you are managing an illegal pirated blog that provides 10 download links for each post, if you use shortlinks it will be tiring to shorten urls one by one


How Shortlink and Safelink Work

Shortlinks or url shorteners are classified as very easy to use by users, because you don't pay the slightest fee, instead you get the money. However, the disadvantage of this shortlink is, If you want to shorten urls, you have to input them one by one into the url shortener site. While safelink is quite difficult and requires a hefty fee, starting from the domain (it can also be a subdomain), hosting (you can also use blogger) along with the scripts that must be used in the structure of the hosting. The convenience offered by Safelink is, you don't need to generate every new active url on your blog. Just one time installation of the script that is placed in the widget, every exit url will be redirected to your safelink site first. So, if you have a download blog, The following is how shortlink and safelink work:

How a site shortener url or shortlink works is

  • You created a new url on the website shortening the url
  • You put a shortened url into the article
  • Readers click
  • Readers are redirected to a website containing advertisements from the url shortener site
  • The reader waits for 5 seconds (usually) and clicks skip ads
  • There will be 2 pop ups that appear, namely popcash and poptm
  • After the close pop up, you will be redirected to the destination site
  • Readers get what they are looking for

How safelink works

  • You retrieve the url of the destination site (original url)
  • Putting the url of the destination site (real url)
  • The reader clicks on the destination url (original url)
  • The reader automatically redirects to the safelink of the blog owner
  • Readers are provided with a further link to the original site
  • Readers get what they are looking for


Conclusion and Closing

Behind all the advantages and benefits that have been described above, there are actually disadvantages of the two techniques. While there are many advantages to using shortlinks, there also seem to be a few drawbacks to note. As some bloggers argue that using shortlinks actually makes the URL access that is clicked feel slower.

This is because visitors will access the shortlink site first, then they will be automatically redirected to the original link. This process is believed to make website access slower. Not to mention if the shortlink site is experiencing interference, it is certain that visitors will not be able to access the shortened URL to go to the original link. If the disadvantage of using Safelink is of course not free, because you have to pay a small fee for hosting, domains and so on. Using safelink is also believed to be prone to being banned by Google Adsense. This is because placing advertisements on Safelink is considered to violate the rules set by Google.

Shortlink and Safelink have their respective advantages and disadvantages, you can choose an option, either shortlink or Safelink. If you feel like trying to use shortlinks then don't hesitate and vice versa. For example, if you want a free one, use a shortlink, but it is quite difficult because the input must be done manually. Meanwhile, if you want to pay and be more efficient, you can use Safelink. With a note, has the greatest risk of being banned from your Adsense account.

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