How to create subdomains via cPanel - Subdomain is part of the main domain. Subdomains are usually created to differentiate the functionality of the website . For example The docs in front of the main domain is a subdomain. Which functions as a marker that the page contains documentation or guidance from a website. Another example, for example The blog post to the left of the domain is a marker that the page contains a web blog from a website. To make it, you don't need to pay additional fees. Just open cPanel and you can create subdomains with any name you want.

How to Create Subdomains

As for the steps to create a subdomain, namely,

1. Login cPanel Hosting

Enter cpanelyou via

then log in according to the email sent from KincaiHosting regarding Hosting Account Information 

hosting account information

2. Choosing the Subdomain Menu

Then you will enter the cpanel from hosting. Then look for a subdomain in the search field. Click on "Subdomains 

3. Creating Subdomains

Then in the column  Create a Subdomain you can write the name of the subdomains you want. For example, you want to create a website with the subdomain Then write "blog" on Subdomains. Then select the domain you want. By default, the Document Root is filled with public_html / subdomains name. Then click "Create"

4. Subdomain Created Successfully

Then the website with the subdomains has been successfully created with the name create subdomain success

You can find out what subdomains you have by looking at the bottom of the page. There is a column  Modify a Subdomain.

You can delete subdomains by clicking  Remove on the selected subdomains.

If the subdomains you create want to be directed to a particular web page, select  Manage Redirection then enter the destination website address. 

You can also change the document root or folder that stores all information from the subdomains by selecting the pencil image next to public_html / blog. Then fill in the selected folder. When finished, click Change


Subdomains are the part of the domain that differentiates the functionality of the website. Or commonly referred to as children of a domain, for example, and so on. To have subdomains, you just have to create it in cPanel, it's easy and free. Without paying any more domain fees. Come on, order KincaiHosting's cheap hosting and enjoy the best features provided, such as using SSD, the availability of daily backup and restore features, and a money back guarantee. To make your website more secure, let's install SSL now! But first, read Tips for Choosing Cheap SSL .

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