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For matters of uploading and downloading website files, of course you are familiar with the term FTP or File Transfer Protocol. FTP is an internet protocol that is useful for uploading and downloading files between FTP Client and FTP Server. However, do you know that there are other protocols that are more "secure" or secure than FTP? An internet protocol that uses encryption techniques in every data exchange process? The answer is, there is. The protocol is named SFTP ( Secure File Transfer Protocol). The following will explain how to use SFTP step by step.

What is SFTP?

SFTP or Secure File Transfer Protocolis one of the internet protocols that functions to make the process of uploading and downloading website files more safely. Why is it safer? Because SFTP is a combination of FTP and SCP. SCP which stands Secure Copyfor function for the data transfer process using the SSH protocol. Thus, the process of uploading and downloading website files between the FTP server and FTP client becomes safer because of the encrypted connection. Oh yes, because it uses the SSH protocol for file transfer traffic, then make sure your hosting supports SSH access ! For those of you who use hosting at KincaiHosting, SSH access can be enjoyed on Super Hosting Packages and above.

What is the difference between FTP and SFTP?

FTP uses port 21 and does not go through the SSH protocol in the data transfer process. Meanwhile, SFTP combines FTP with SCP. So it is safer because the data transfer process is through an encrypted connection. Usually SFTP uses port 22. But in KincaiHosting, SFTP uses port 64000 the same as SSH. Why? This is done so that the data transfer process becomes safer.

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How to use SFTP?

1. Preparing FileZilla

FileZilla is an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client that is used to transfer data from a computer to web hosting in KincaiHosting. You can get this FileZilla for free at  https://filezilla-project.org/download.php . Please download then install.

2. Open FileZilla

Please open FileZilla on your computer. Then pay attention to the host column, username, password, port and the Quickconnect button.

how to use ftp

3. SFTP connection with FileZilla

Please make an SFTP connection with FileZilla.
Host : Please fill in your domain name or server name. To check the server name, see the Hosting Account Information email or read How to Check Hosting Server . For example, canary.rapidplex.com.
Username : Please fill in the username cPanel Hosting
Password : Please fill in the password cPanel Hosting
Port : Please fill in the port 64000
After that, please click Quickconnect. Wait a moment until the folder on the hosting appears. That means, the SFTP connection with FileZilla was successful.

4. Upload and Download Files

Voila! You have successfully used SFTP. You can transfer data / files safely now. To upload and download website files, please read the Guide to Upload and Download Website Files through FileZilla .


SFTP is a protocol that is useful for uploading and downloading website files safely because the connection is encrypted. How to use SFTP in KincaiHosting is very easy. Just like FTP, you can use an FTP client or a web browser. Oh yes, make sure your hosting has SSH support before connecting with SFTP. At KincaiHosting, SSH access is available for those of you who have Super Hosting and above. To see what hosting packages we offer, please visit KincaiHosting's Cheap Hosting Packages .

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