Hi Everyone! Have you managed to control the server using SSH? For those who don't know, you can read on How to access SSH on cPanel . SSH is very functional when you can access the hosting server without having to physically interact. Just imagine, if your hosting server is in Singapore or America. Do you have to go there to restart the server? Certainly not! For this reason, with the presence of this SSH technology, you can remote and log into cPanel Hosting like being in front of a real server monitor. There are various ways to use SSH on Hosting. You can use a password when logging in or using the SSH Key. This guide will explain how to use SSH on Hosting using the SSH Keys method.

What are SSH Keys?

SSH Keys function so that you have no trouble when you want to SSH access to Hosting. You only need to create a public key and a private key first on your computer. And later, the public key will be copied to the server. So, you no longer need to enter a password and so on.

How to Use SSH on Hosting (SSH Key)

To use SSH for hosting, you need to know some Linux commands first. At least understand how to operate the Linux Terminal. As for how to use SSH on hosting, namely,

1. Create a Private Key and Public Key

First of all you have to create an SSH Key first. SSH Key is often referred to as RSA Key because SSH uses RSA asymmetric cryptography technology. Quoted from Wikipedia , RSA is an algorithm for public key encryption that is suitable for digital signatures and is often used in e-commerce. RSA has 3 stages, namely key generation, message encryption and message decryption. Well, what you want to do this time is creating a private key and a public key first. This process is the core of how to use SSH on hosting with the help of an SSH Key. Remember! Making the Private Key and Public Key is done on your computer!

Please just press "enter" until the key generation process is complete. After completion there is information:

Your identification has been saved in /home/username/.ssh/id_rsa.
Inside the id_rsa you can find a private key.

Your public key has been saved in /home/username/.ssh/id_rsa.pub
In the id_rsa.pub you can find public_key

2. Copying public_key to Hosting

So that the hosting server can connect to your computer, please copy (copy) public_keys to Hosting with the following command:


ssh-copy-id -p 64000 namausercPanel@namaserver.rapidplex.com

for example: ssh-copy-en -p 64000 [email protected]

Then enter your hosting password. Wait a moment until the process is complete.

3. Doing Remote Hosting

Now how to use SSH on hosting is complete. Now you can remote hosting in a way


sshnamausercPanel@namaserver.rapidplex.com -p 64000

for example: ssh [email protected] -p 64000

Voila! You can enter the hosting directly without having to enter a password!


How to use SSH on Hosting is very easy. Either using a password or SSH Keys, you can follow everything according to the guide. KincaiHosting is the master of Cheap Hosting with the best quality. With SSH to hosting, you can do various things such as installing Ghost, installing NodeJS, stopping running services and so on. Feel like your hosting capacity is full? When is the right time to upgrade hosting? Try reading the characteristics of hosting must be upgraded . Greetings, KincaiHosting!

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