The NodeJS-based web application is indeed quite popular and more desirable because it has faster performance. But unfortunately, hosting that supports NodeJS is still small. KincaiHosting is one of the hosting services that support the NodeJS application with a view that is suitable for beginners. Now, you can make setting up node.js on hosting more easily by using the NodeJS App Setup feature on cPanel Hosting. Want to know how? Come on, follow the following guidelines.

What is Node.js?

Node.jsis one of the platforms created by Ryan Dhal which is made using the Javascript programming language and operates on the server side. Node.js can be run on various operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS. With Node.js, to create a website you don't need to code from two sides. Just use Javascript, you can create a website that can work on the client side (client side) and the server side (server side). You can set up node.js on KincaiHosting's quality cheap hosting easily.

Remember, the NodeJS feature is only available on Super Hosting Packages and above !

Run the NodeJS App Setup

The first thing you do in the node.js settings on the hosting is to run the Node.js service first. But keep in mind, you must have access to a good Hosting / Server via SSH. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to run the Node.js service on hosting through the NodeJS App Setup menu in cPanel. We recommend using the NodeJS App Setup if you want to install NodeJS-based applications such as Ghost, ExpressJS, ReactJS, PhantomJS and so on. Why? Because it's easier! You only need to select the NodeJS App Setup menu then enter the configuration only. How to? Try to follow the step by step below.

1. Login cPanel Hosting

The first step you have to do before setting up node.js on hosting is logging into cPanel. CPanel login can be via, according to the email sent from KincaiHosting regarding Hosting Account Information. For those of you who don't know how to log in to cPanel, please read on How to Login cPanel Hosting .

2. Choose Setup NodeJS App in cPanel

After successfully entering Hosting, you will be directed to the cPanel Hosting dashboard. There are many things you can do here. So, if you want nodeJS settings, please select the menu Setup NodeJS Appin cPanel. To do this, write " nodejs" in the search field. After appearing, please click Setup NodeJS App.


3. Creating a NodeJS application

There are various NodeJS-based applications that you can make such as Ghost, ExpressJS, ReactJS and so on. So before installing the application, you must create a "place or container" with NodeJS in it. Because it is used as a basis for creating a website, of course. To create a NodeJS application, you can click Create Application.


4. Configure NodeJS Applications

Now it's time to configure NodeJS. In the section Node.js version, please fill in the version of NodeJS you are using. We recommend using Node.js version 8.10.0 as it is more stable. In the section Application mode, please select Production mode. As a place for the application, then in the section Application rootplease write the name of the folder. This folder will be used as a place for NodeJS-based applications. We recommend that you write down the folder name according to the application you are running. For example, if you want to install Ghost, then write a folder called "Ghost" to make it easier! Next in the section Application URL, please select the domain or subdomain. Oh yes, make sure you know how to create a subdomain! If not, try reading How to Create Subdomains first. In sectionApplication startup file, just leave it blank! If so, don't forget to click Create.


5. Setting up Node.js on Hosting Successfully!

Yeay! NodeJS setup was successful! Don't forget to copy / copy the existing path. This path will be used to enter nodevenv or the virtual environment. After that, don't forget to click Save! If you want to install Ghost, you can read How to Install Ghost !


6. Upload the NodeJS file

Please enter the directory / application folder. You can enter the application folder via File Manager or via SSH. Then upload the application file or create your own nodejs file. Once uploaded, make sure to restart NodeJS first with the following command,


Node.js is a Javascript-based platform that can work on the server side. So that today many people are starting to use this Node.js as a substitute for PHP, ASP and so on. Seeing this, KincaiHosting has provided various guidelines for setting up Node.js that can be applied on your server / hosting. Such as the steps for running Node.js on the server, running the Node.js service continuously (the Node.js service will restart itself when it is down), as well as setting Node.js on the hosting so that it can be accessed by a web browser using the http / tcp port : 80. You can easily configure node.js on your hosting via the NodeJS App Setup feature. KincaiHosting has quality cheap hosting with a variety of features and an affordable price. Wantbuy a domain and hosting ? Just go to KincaiHosting!

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