If you want to consistently create beautiful Instagram Stories and Feeds, then you need the help of a special application. This application was created to help Instagram users in providing color to their posts, both Stories and in Feeds. The Instagram Stories template itself is a growing trend on Instagram considering that business people and influencers are carefully crafting their own branding stories that have a uniform color, tone, style and format.

Obviously this makes branding content creation so easy that you will never miss posting a story and growing your business or personal branding. Even if you are an active on Instagram, you must have realized that creating Instagram Stories is not an easy job. You'll need to add the right stickers, apply the appropriate filters, and put in some polished animated text. But more importantly, you have to be creative with your story to stand out from the crowd.

Luckily, template apps lighten that burden by giving your story a colorful makeover. Besides, it can also help a lot for business and also good branding. In this post, you'll learn everything you need to know about using Instagram Stories templates for your business or personal use, plus additional tips on how to create your own.


Get to know what is an Instagram template

You may have seen brands and influencers on Instagram using Instagram Stories templates as part of their branding strategy. With a cohesive format and design style that complements your overall brand aesthetic, Instagram templates are a great starting point for creating your own story posts in Stories and Feeds.

Generally, Instagram Stories templates are ready-to-use layouts with graphics, text, or animations that you can edit to suit each new story. Using the same or a similar template for your Instagram Stories, you can create a cohesive, branded story that aligns well with your business as a whole. In addition, working as a team on your Instagram account becomes easier because the Instagram Stories template can be made quickly and is easy to use even if you don't have a background as a graphic design.


Instagram Template Provider Application

There are many applications available on the Playstore today, ranging from providing free to paid templates. Not only for Stories, you can also use it to enliven your Instagram Feed so that it has the same common thread. Here are some Instagram template provider applications that are attractive and have a lot of users.


Compatible with IOS and Android users Unfold is an application made specifically to help users share stories. This simple and effective application provides various easy-to-use templates to which users can add images, videos and text. Unfold also offers a growing supply of photos so users can help simplify content creation. Users can download basic templates for free or make In-App Purchases.


Over is an application that helps you to do personal Instagram branding for your personal branding. Designed to inspire other creators by providing multi-faceted tools to share inspirational quotes and goals via social media. Users can count on the ease of this app to apply text over your photos in a unique and professional style as well as being compatible with iOS and Android.

Life Lapse

The next app that's also compatible with Android and iOS with free downloads and In-App Purchases with a pro version subscription for $ 39.99 / year, is Life Lapse. Life Lapse itself is a fun application that you can use to create videos in your time-lapse format. These videos combine short video clips or photos into a dynamic and creative slideshow or mini-film. Unique time-lapse content is a new way to drive Instagram growth to your brand via Instagram Stories.

A Design Kit

Although only compatible with iOS users, A Design Kit is a fun and functional app that lets you add your own artistic flair to your photos via pre-made designs of various text font options, stickers and brushes. The unique brush feature provides users with realistic looking digital art brushes to create unique posts for your Instagram Stories. Now you can take Instagram image branding into your own hands without the need for the help of an expensive Instagram marketing agency. This application can be downloaded for free or In-App Purchases.


PhotoGrid is an app mainly used for creating stylish, professional-looking collages with your photos and videos. You can use multiple pictures and videos or just one for various options. This collage maker is easy to use and you can even combine videos and photos into one collage or slideshow. Apart from being free with In-App Purchases, you can get the Pro version for $ 29.99 / year for a wider variety of templates and easy support features.


Almost all Instagram users are familiar with this one application. VSCO which stands for Visual Supply Company is an application for editing photos. VSCO support allows you to share edited photos directly to other applications such as Instagram. You can upload multiple photos to the app for future editing, and can organize photos into categories, collections, and journals. Compatible with Android and iOS, you can use it for free although it's limited and $ 19.99 / year if you want to become a member of VSCO, which is famous for its creative and wide-ranging.


Storyluxe has been used to enhance online social media stories by celebrities, influencers, and iconic brands. This app provides templates, backgrounds, and filters to help take your Instagram Stories to the next level in a more aesthetic, influencer-like way. Datapu is downloaded for free, Storyluxe can be used on iOS and Android.


Canva is a complete all-in-one app that offers a variety of templates for Instagram Stories and Feeds and other social media. This is because social media already has the ideal pixel size to fit Facebook banners, Instagram Stories, and other social media posts. As a complete app, Canva offers users a way to create a polished, brand-appropriate style and graphics for all your Instagram marketing. Often used for free, Canva also has plans for professionals to use.

Afterlight 2

Priced at $ 2.99 for both Android and Android users, Afterlight 2 is a complete photo editing app that offers a wide variety of editing options. Their main feature is the way the app lets you manipulate the light and exposure of your photos to create unique textures, light leaks, and exposures. There are also options to add text, frames and artwork to your photos.


Conclusion and Conclusion

Just as important to maintaining your Instagram aesthetic and regular posts about brands, it's also important to integrate your brand when designing Instagram Stories. This can be as simple as using the same Instagram font all the time as your signature, or using your brand colors when using text or drawing tools. But as Instagram Stories continues to grow in popularity, brands take stories as seriously as their regular Instagram posts by creating well-designed stories that stand out on Instagram to get people to visit your account.

If your Instagram Stories design and style don't match the aesthetics of your profile page, you will miss out on the opportunity to introduce your brand to new audiences, build brand recognition, and leave a lasting impression on your mind. So if you want people to stop, pay attention, and remember your story and brand, using the Instagram Stories template is the right strategy.

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