How to Create a Symlink on Cheap Hosting

How to Create a Symlink on Cheap Hosting

Have you ever heard of the word symlink? Symlink stands for symbolic links. Symlink can be interpreted as a shortcut to the desired file or folder. You can easily create symlinks on hosting, you know! By creating symlinks, you can more quickly access files or folders. How do I create a symlink on hosting? Please follow the following guidelines.

There are several ways to create symlinks on hosting. You can create a symlink via SSH or via cronjob. In this guide, we will explain each method.

Create Symlink Through SSH

1. Perform SSH access first on cPanel Hosting. Please note, SSH can only be done on Super Hosting Packages and above.
2. After successful SSH access, please write the following command,


ln -s /path/to/target /path/to/shortcut

For example, suppose you have an important.txt file located at / home / websites / public_html /. Then you will create a symlink with the name filepentingsaya.txt. So, please command, namely,


ln -s /home/websites/public_html/penting.txt /home/websites/public_html/filepentingsaya.txt

Now, when you open my filepenting.txt, the system will execute /home/websites/public_html/penting.txt. So that what opens is the contents of the important file.txt. You can open it with the paint command, nano editor or vim editor.

how to create a symlink on hosting

Apart from going through SSH, you can create a symlink on hosting, namely through cronjob. As for how,
1. Login cPanel Hosting
The first step you have to do is log into cPanel. CPanel login can be via https: // domainname / cpanel , according to the email sent from KincaiHosting regarding Hosting Account Information. For those of you who don't know how to log in to cPanel, please read the Easy Way to Login cPanel Hosting .
2. Choosing Cronjob
Please write "cronjob" then click Menu Cron Jobs.

3. Creating Symlink with Cronjob
Please check the column Add New Cron Job. You can set the time for the script to run periodically. Common Settings are settings / settings that have been set by KincaiHosting by default. At KincaiHosting hosting, the minimum cronjob is every 5 minutes. Now, enter the symlink command in the Command column. After that, click Add New Cron Job.

how to create a symlink on hosting

After the symlink has been successfully created, you have to delete the cronjob.


How to create symlinks on hosting is very easy. Besides being faster, this symlink or shortcut can speed up your performance, you know. Want to upgrade your hosting capacity? Confused which hosting package is right for you? Check out Tips for Choosing a Hosting. Get cheap hosting only at KincaiHosting! Apart from creating symlinks, you can also do daily backups with a cronjob.

Published on: 3/2/21, 4:52 PM