How to Find CloudFlare Nameservers for Beginners

Hi Everyone! Do you know what CloudFlare is? CloudFlare is a Content Delivery Network that has several advantages, especially in the field of security and increasing website performance. With CloudFlare, your website will be safe from spam and DDOS threats. Besides that, with the caching feature in it, it makes the website have high performance. Want to know more about CloudFlare? Let's check What is CloudFlare . Well, because CloudFlare is a Content Delivery Network(CDN), the website will usually be redirected to CloudFlare's Nameserver. Why? Of course, so that the website can be protected by CloudFlare. But sometimes we are confused about how to find CloudFlare nameservers? Where are the CloudFlare nameservers located? Let's find out in this guide.

How to Find CloudFlare Nameservers

To find CloudFlare nameservers, make sure you have a CloudFlare account first. For those who don't have it, please register at then click Sign Up. After you have an account, then you can do the following step by step‚

1. Login to CloudFlare

Please login to enter your email and password. There will be many menus that you can choose from. Then select the domain whose nameservers will be searched in the upper left corner. For those of you new users, make sure you have added a domain / website. As for how, please click Add Siteand write your website.

how to search for cloudflare nameservers

2. Search for CloudFlare nameservers

To find CloudFlare nameservers, please click DNS.

how to search for cloudflare nameservers

Then scroll down to the list of nameservers in the " CloudFlare Nameserver " column .

how to search for cloudflare nameservers

What do CloudFlare nameservers do?

This CloudFlare nameserver functions as a barrier between your website and the Hosting server. So, if a hacker is idly sending out thousands of spam and DDOS attacks, it will not be directly hit by the server. CloudFlare as a CDN will be a shield or fortress from these attacks. So, your website does not immediately go down. Want to know how to change nameservers? Let's read How to Change Nameservers .


In order for the website to have maximum performance and to minimize spam attacks, you should immediately activate CloudFlare. How to? Please follow the Guide on How to Setup CloudFlare on Hosting . DomaiNesia has various guides that you can easily follow. If you have trouble or have questions, please send a ticket to the KincaiHosting Support Team.

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Published on: 3/2/21, 6:11 PM