Make use of Blog Post Links on SEO

A blog post is a post on a blog, in this context it is someone else's blog. A blog post containing a link to our website is one type of backlink that is not only powerful, but also safe from penalties because this is the traditional way between websites to link to one another. The concept of blog posts as HIGH QUALITY BACKLINKS is very different from dummy blogs, even the opposite. If you think you can link to your blog post from one or dozens of blogs that you can easily bust (even for free), then forget it.

A quality blog post must come from an existing blog or website, already has troffic, and can even have a better ranking than the blog you want to optimize. The higher the rank, the more relevant the content, (usually) the more expensive the price, the more quality the value can be given.


If you have forgotten, here I am reminding some notes about Blog Post that you should know:


Backlink implementation is of course still a familiar trick in the world of SEO, so you need extra and consistent efforts in building links on your SEO website. This information is conveyed, hopefully it will be useful for your website's SEO needs.

Published on: 2/1/21, 5:41 PM