Definition, Benefits, and How to Use SFTP

Therefore, websites - especially those engaged in business - require extra protection such as SFTP. 

SFTP is a way to secure websites from various digital threats. Without SFTP, all data and transactions are easily hijacked by certain individuals.

Do you want sensitive information stored on websites to be stolen and misused? Absolutely not. 

So to keep the website away from ignorant hands, you should know how to use SFTP . But before discussing it, we will accompany you to get to know SFTP further.


What is SFTP?

SFTP ( SSH File Transfer Protocol ) is a method for securing the transmission or exchange of information between servers and clients.


As it stands for, SFTP is part of SSH (Secure Shell) . Simply put, SSH is a protocol aka procedure that allows two computers to communicate securely and in an agreed language .

Without SSH, the protocol is just FTP (File Transfer Protocol) . Which means, the file sending traffic is not secure.

Hmmm, what's the difference between wearing safety and not? Let's find the answer at the next point.


The difference between SFTP and FTP

Now, imagine that you and a coworker want to talk about your boss. For fear that eavesdrop the conversation, you chose the most quiet chat at the table in the cafeteria.

The chatter is so fun that you and your friends don't pay attention to their surroundings. Without you knowing it, the boss is sitting near the table and he has heard your whole chatter. Really bad, right?


Well, that's what happens when you use FTP . Any exchange of information is open enough to leak and invite more threats .

Another case with SFTP . If using SFTP, each stream of information will be converted into unique encrypted codes .

It's like speaking in sign language that only you and your friends know. So, other people who hear it will not be able to translate the two of you. As a result, information is safer.


Why Use SFTP?

By using SFTP, your website will get these benefits:

Even so, that does not mean that SFTP has no flaws. In terms of operation, it is certainly easier to use FTP than SFTP. This is because SFTP requires sufficient technical skills.


How to use SFTP on cPanel

How do you use SFTP for safer hosting? Here's how to use SFTP in cPanel.

For more details, please follow the following guidelines.


1. Download and Install FileZilla Software

First, download and install the FileZilla software . FileZilla is used to transmit data between hosting and a computer.

When finished downloading, install FileZilla by following the installation instructions.


2. Generate SSH Keys

In this stage, you will create a Public Key and a Private Key . Although they are both used to encrypt (convert data into a specific code) and decrypt (translate an encrypted file), there are big differences:

Public Key → encrypt and decrypt data to be shared with data recipients;
Private Key → is only used to encrypt data and decrypt data so that it can be understood by the user.
Here's how to get the Public Key and Private Key from cPanel.


3. Configure SFTP

After getting the Public Key, you can now configure to connect to hosting via SFTP and use FileZilla Software.


How to use SFTP on a VPS

1. How to Connect to SFTP
2. Learn the Basic SFTP Commands
3. Navigation with SFTP
4. Transfer Files With SFTP
5. Learn Basic SFTP Commands


What Websites Require SFTP?

If your website processes a variety of sensitive information , we recommend using SFTP.

Maybe it's still fresh in your memory, Tokopedia was in an uproar because its user data was leaked. In fact, there are people who sell them on the dark web.

Fortunately, Tokopedia has installed a fairly strict security system. As a result, hackers can only rob files that are encrypted so they cannot translate them. That way, the confidentiality of user data is maintained.

So, what websites require SFTP? Try to see if your company is engaged in the following fields.

Is your company on the above list? If so, consider installing SFTP immediately.

Keep Website from Various Digital Attacks!

At this point, you have understood that SFTP is a protocol to protect every process of sending data between the server and the client.

Using SFTP, websites that come into contact with sensitive information will be better protected. Such as websites for online stores, financial institutions, IT companies, and many more.

In addition to using SFTP, this protection is even stronger if you combine it with the best WordPress hosting and various website security tips. As a result, data traffic is much safer and more secure!

So, are you ready to tighten the protection of your website?

Published on: 2/18/21, 9:46 AM