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React.js is a type of javascript that works on the user interface side. This means that this type of javascript will make your website look more attractive and the data coding process is less heavy. 

Published on: 3/2/21, 5:34 PM

PhantomJS is a headless WebKit scriptable with JavaScript API. Quoted from Wikipedia , PhantomJS actually functions to automate interactions between website pages, create website screenshots with thumbnail previews using SVG and Canvas, and is useful for network monitoring.

Published on: 3/2/21, 5:33 PM

How to Install MongoDB on Hosting - Currently the term database is familiar. What used to be known only by programmers or IT people, has now spread to all circles. Databases contain data sets that can be managed such as searching for information, storing information and disposing of information.

Published on: 3/2/21, 5:29 PM

Before getting into how to install, you should first get acquainted with Express.js. What is Express.js? Quoted from the official website, Express.js is a type of Node.js-based web framework.

Published on: 3/2/21, 5:27 PM

You can also install Composer on Hosting. The method is almost the same when you install Composer on Linux. As for the method, namely,

Published on: 3/2/21, 5:22 PM

How to Backup Daily with Cronjob. To do a daily backup with a cronjob, you can follow a few steps to do a backup, set the required cron script, then continue setting the cronjob.

Published on: 3/2/21, 5:20 PM

How to access SSH on cPanel Hosting is one way that you can control and access the server remotely. SSH or Secure Shell is a replacement application for remote login to the server via an encrypted connection.

Published on: 3/2/21, 5:19 PM

W3 Total Cache is a WordPress plugin that functions to optimize the performance of a website. With this plugin, you can manage multiple caches on the server.

Published on: 3/2/21, 5:18 PM

How to Export and Import MySQL via Command Line. The database serves to store data stored on the website.  For example, user data, transaction data, sales data, posted article data, customer data and so on.

Published on: 3/2/21, 5:06 PM

How to redirect non WWW to WWW via cPanel. Likewise with the use of the WWW in front of the domain name. There are various perceptions regarding the use of the WWW or not.

Published on: 3/2/21, 5:04 PM