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SSL is one of the important components that a website must have. With SSL, data transfer on the website becomes more secure and encrypted. Even so important, Google Chrome labels websites without an SSL certificate as Not Secure

Published on: 2/18/21, 9:57 AM

Do you have a business website? Have you completed it with SFTP? Hah? What is SFTP? Before you go there, you need to know that the digital world is also a lot of criminals. In fact, nowadays cyber crime has increased by 31%, you know

Published on: 2/18/21, 9:46 AM

PHP is not a new science and technology for web developers. Millions of websites in cyberspace have been supported by this programming language. There are so many websites that use PHP for the engine and system backend, more and more hackers are trying to break into PHP systems, especially those using the MySQL database.

Published on: 2/18/21, 8:58 AM

Managing businesses and businesses both small and large scale is a never ending process. Many business owners assume that their finances will be difficult at first, but they will be able to relax more as their business takes hold. As you may learn from experience, but that is not necessarily the case because business and enterprise are a dynamic and constantly evolving world.

Published on: 2/1/21, 5:50 PM

A brand without a digital presence is like a car without tires, so of course it will not run at all. While outdated analog branding has not been smooth sailing, businesses today need a variety of digital branding tools to strengthen their real-world presence. This is all considering the global digitization so that every brand must participate in exploring the extent to which they can to remain known online.

Published on: 2/1/21, 5:45 PM

A quality blog post must come from an existing blog or website, already has troffic, and can even have a better ranking than the blog you want to optimize. The higher the rank, the more relevant the content, (usually) the more expensive the price, the more quality the value can be given.

Published on: 2/1/21, 5:41 PM

SAFELINK.ASIA friends must have experienced when clicking on a link, for example a link from a website article comment, it turns out that when the website is opened there is no or a 404 not found error appears.

Published on: 2/1/21, 5:37 PM

Luckily, template apps lighten that burden by giving your story a colorful makeover. Besides, it can also help a lot for business and also good branding. In this post, you'll learn everything you need to know about using Instagram Stories templates for your business or personal use, plus additional tips on how to create your own.

Published on: 2/1/21, 5:31 PM

Readers can download for free and also buy books online just like buying books as usual. These books won't get old, dusty and get eaten by termites because they are stored safely on the cloud or on the device. Interestingly, readers can download without limits or search and browse thousands of book titles that were once difficult to find in bookstores. Here are some recommendations for websites that provide e-books that you can visit.

Published on: 2/1/21, 5:28 PM

Definition, Function, Benefits, and How it Works - A blog is defined as a website that is managed by several authors and contains personal experiences, observations, and opinions of the authors. Often blogs include pictures or links to other websites.

Published on: 2/1/21, 5:12 PM